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Real estate scouting on Lake Garda is new and didn't exist in this form.


Lake Garda is beautiful and that's why it's so good to live here. Due to the high demand and the large supply, the real estate market is not easy to survey. As a personal scout, we will help you to find your dream property on site.


The House Group is not a real estate agent, we are absolutely neutral and there is no competition to other agents on Lake Garda. On the contrary, brokers are our partners and that is why we have a very wide range of properties around the lake to choose from.

Lake Garda, just a 3-hour drive from Germany, is very popular as a holiday destination for young and old. Many of our customers have known the lake for years because they come here regularly to spend their holidays or to spend a long weekend. But at some point the wish of your own house or apartment by the lake is born and you start to look around.


Of course there are many agencies, property offers and real estate platforms, but how can you find the right property? Perhaps one even visits one or the other object and then, after careful consideration, rejects the dream with the following arguments: I don't speak the language, I don't have on-site experience, who can I trust and who not, what is there in store for me, am I even able to cope with it all?

And that's where we come in. We are your partner and neutral companion on site because we will find the right dream property for you.


After you have decided to book our service, we will work out your personal search profile. We discuss your wishes and together we find out which property suits you best and corresponds to your ideas. Very large parts of the questionnaire are prepared and optimized individually for each individual customer. The purpose of the questions is to get to know you better and to get as precise an idea as possible of what your property on Lake Garda should look like. As soon as your search profile has been created, we will start looking for your dream property.

We use our network, check offers from agents and discuss with you which properties are shortlisted. This is the most demanding part of our job. We search the market and filter out the best offers. For every property we match a large number of aspects with your requirements, such as price, size, location, number of rooms, lake view, equipment, if necessary the cost of structural changes. We visit every property that could be considered for you, including some that may not even be on the market. We take a very close look at each property and plan the viewing with you after we have found at least three suitable properties.



The first steps have been completed and we have found at least 3 properties for you. Nothing stands in the way of viewing the properties!


We make a appointments and meet the brokers with you for a viewing. Thanks to our intensive research, you are already very familiar with the properties and therefore aimed questions can be asked. We are also happy to introduce initial considerations on how the property can be tailored even better to your wishes in your interests.



You have found your dream property and the signing of the contract is imminent. Here we support you with the experience of our recommended tax advisors, lawyers and notaries. We can clarify many other questions in a personal conversation.

You are searching for the house of your dreams on Lake Garda?

Tell us your ideas and wishes, we would love to advise you.



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